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Vamso set up a new ultra modern facility in April, 2006 in Dehradun, India which is about 20 kms from Doon Valley. The valley is a famous lush green valley in northern India with a clean and pollution free environment, making it idle for pharmaceutical industry.  

Our plant is spread over 150,000 square feet area and consist of following facilities at a single location for efficient cross department workflow and supply for quality products. 

  1. Manufacturing Unit 

  2. R&D Division 

  3. QC Lab

  4. Microbial Lab


Our Expertise

Vamso' expertise lies in efficient cross functioning of manufacturing unit with R&D, QC and QA teams. Our qualified team consist of scientists, formulators and chemists who work in co-ordination to manufacture of top quality products round the year. Moreover, our formulators work continuously towards upgradation of products for improving animals' well being and productivity. ​


R&D and QC

Vamso' R&D and QC facility is divided into three parts:

1. Analytical Lab: It has an arsenal of advanced sophisticated instruments to meet international standards. It is equipped with chromatography instruments such as HPLC, GC-HS, stability chambers and spectroscopy instruments such as UV, FTIR which facilitate characterization of natural extracts and isolated molecules. Products are tested for bioactive contents (Identification/ Assay/ Purity/ Potency), residual solvents, residual pesticides, heavy metals and other physicochemical parameters as per the regulatory specifications.

2. Process Lab: ​It is the backbone of our R&D and designed to extract, purify, blend and mill plant material from grams to kilograms scale. It has 5L rotary-evaporators, extraction assemblies, reactors, column chromatography, multi-vapors, vacuum oven dryers, freeze dryer and centrifuge to mimic the full-fledged manufacturing unit. Isolation of phyto-constituents is performed using both conventional chromatography/crystallization and advanced sophisticated methods such as preparative and flash chromatography.

3. Microbial Lab: It is designed as per GMP and equipments are placed in 1,00,000 class clean room. 



Vamso takes utmost care about traceability of entire supply chain, i.e from raw materials to finished good. We have a dedicated team of chemists to implement proper documentation. Moreover, every batch is rigorously tested for microbial limits, pesticides and heavy limits. 

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